Who We Are

As one of Malaysia’s leading suppliers of CCTV Surveillance, Auto-Gate & Remote, Alarm, and Smart Home systems, ADOS CCTV has been manufacturing and wholesaling high-end surveillance and safety solutions for both the consumer market and retailers around Malaysia. Nowadays, ADOS transformational development Smartgate. 

Our mission and vision at Smartgate have always been about providing the best home solution that is durable, trustable and affordable. The products that are currently available (or in the future) at Smartgate are made from the highest quality standards and procedure. We have multiple factories in Taiwan, China and Malaysia, each manufacturing only one product to ensure consistency and quality. Each product will also undergo vigorous testing before entering the market to ensure that durability is a thriving factor, apart from the quality and design aspects of it.


Our business model currently consists of only supplying these systems to retailer and occasionally, individual members of the public. If there’s any enquires or product related issue, feel free to drop us an email or simply call us, and our team will take care of it.


As we are the market leader in supplying and wholesaling, our mission at Smartgate has always been about providing the best services and products in surveillance and home systems. We also want to be the one stop center for all these systems, and a center of confidence to our fellow consumers.


With an aspiring dream of expanding our current portfolio, our Vision is to innovate and introduce new products and features with the advancement of technology, at an affordable rate. On top of that, to be recognized as a world-class supplier and wholesaler for home systems and surveillance as well.

Goals & Objective

We are striving to not only maintain our current stance as the market leader in Autogate, CCTV surveillance and home systems, but to deliver and share these success with our consumers. It is them who have made us who we are today and we shall work towards a common goal of improving a community as a whole.